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Development History

The most recent development logs can be found in the official discord server. This page is not updated immediately and may be out of date occasionally.


The 2023 Development History. Ticuto's open testing development officially opened in December under another name of Lasuni.

Dev Log

1.0.0 ALPHA

Feature List:
  • Navigation
  • Chat History
  • Pathfinding
  • NPCs
  • NPC Chat
  • Shopping
  • Sitting
  • Furniture/Item Placement/Rotations
  • Furniture/Item Engagement (ie. turn on/off)
  • Crafting*
  • Quests
  • Harvesting/Gathering (Cotton, Sticks)
  • Connection Resuming (if you disconnect or reload within 15 seconds, you'll resume the original connection / location in-game)
  • Friends list (although no way to add a friend yet!)

1.0.9-2023-12-13 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Connection errors will now show the actual message (ie. Invalid email/pass vs auth_error)
  • Fixed bug with auth token login
  • UI Windows  have been improved (fixed issues with resizing)
  • Build Version has been added to the lower right corner (and will be included with each addition to the dev log for tracking
  • Fixed issue with click-throughs on UI windows triggering furni info window to popup or walking to a spot
  • Fixed memory leak with speech bubbles not being cleaned up by garbage collection when off-screen

1.0.10-2023-12-15 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added Abandoned Quests Tab + Resume functionality
  • Quests can now give items to players that can then be delivered to another NPC
  • Fixed typos
  • Fixed click-through issue with furni action icon
  • Overhauled the quest system (added items required, reward items, etc)
  • Crafting now gives EXP
  • Fixed bad_auth error message on login

1.0.11-2023-12-16 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • You have to be near an NPC to engage with them
  • Quests that are ready to turn in will now show the correct messaging
  • Added a "Quest Completed" message that floats on-screen for a few seconds after completing a quest (rather than showing the quest window)

1.0.12-2023-12-16 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with engaging chat with NPC

1.0.13-2023-12-19 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • UI Redesign
  • Had a sit down with Barry and he's agreed to attend rehab
  • Grass has been redesigned
  • Action Bar Added
  • Fix issue with tabbing out of game. The game will now re-fetch the room state to catch up instead of replaying every missed animation

Known Issues

  • Title screen needs to be updated
  • Navigator needs to be updated with new graphics
  • Some minor scaling issues may occasionally cause lines to appear between sprites
  • If you refresh the game window you will need to re-login
  • Navigator will not update player counts in real-time; only on loading the window

1.0.14-2023-12-21 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Inventory improvements
  • Added new quest (Talk to Barry!)
  • Added ability to dig (no loot yet)
  • Added the mine
  • Added new mine timber furni item
  • Items can now be dragged to the action bar
  • Action bar items can be selected to use the tool (drag a tool to the action bar, then click it, then select a tile near the player to use the tool)
  • Removed speech bubbles entirely
  • Chat History opens by default

1.0.15-2023-12-22 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • You can now collect mushrooms, stones, and weeds
  • Right clicking in a room will trigger the character to walk there - no matter what tool is selected
  • New level added to the mine
  • New Ladder Furni added

1.0.16-2023-12-26 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • You can now create private spaces (talk to Tory at the Estate Agent)
  • Added the discord game activity channel that posts updates on in-game activities
  • New Furni Added (Mineshaft, Wooden Sign, Railroad Track)
  • Fixed display bug
  • Added Vera + Gertrude
  • Vera now has a shop
  • Avatar design has been updated (new shading and overall look)
  • Updated inventory
  • Moved Gold/Credits to the top bar
  • Fixed authentication issue when you reload the client (you're no longer logged out)
  • Fixed issue with some furni not working correctly
  • Updated furni in Furniture Store
  • Fixed bug where crafted items don't give the correct quantity of items

1.0.17-2023-12-27 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some scaling issues
  • Updated the UI to remove credits from inventory and store
  • Added Silver to the top bar
  • Added rate limiting to the discord game activity
  • Fixed default direction of some furni
  • Prices are now calculated with both silver and gold. (100 Silver = 1 Gold)

1.0.18-2023-12-28 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Digging now randomly yields gold/silver and/or items based on other items in proximity and the space you're in

1.0.19-2023-12-30 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with silver showing a decimal
  • Updated UI to add keyboard shortcuts (1-9 will now select a tool in that spot on the action bar, Enter will focus the chat field, Esc will exit the chat field, etc)
  • Swapped left and right click. Left click will now always walk to the point selected. Right click will use the selected tool
  • Removed the waypoint icon as it's no longer needed due to the above
  • Added Yellow Safflower, Safflower Plant, Minibars
  • Added additional colors of sofas
  • Added stools
  • Updated cotton to be lootable after 10 mins (to account for surge in new players). This will be updated in the future.

1.0.20-2023-12-31 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated the shop UI
  • Updated prices
  • Added ability to sell stuff (drag an item into the shop window and see what the NPC offers... beware, some NPCs ahem Vera are cheapskates)


The 2024 Development History. Latest release information can be found in the discord server. It was announced in March that the game had dropped the Lasuni Title, and would be re-branding under the new name of Ticuto.

Dev Log

1.0.21-2024-01-01 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with furni stackthe navigator- click the small gear icon )
  • Fixed bug with some network errors causing the server to crash
  • Adjusted nav to sort private spaces by player count
  • Added ability to zoom in or out
  • Updated Hubble Town + Enchanted Forest room layouts

1.0.21-2024-01-02 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some issues with walking (server side)
  • Added Stamina
  • Updated favicon
  • Adjusted digging loot and probabilities

1.0.23-2024-01-04 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added a notification in the chat when players enter, leave, or level up
  • Updated zoom to persist between rooms or reloads
  • Added Hubble welcome sign
  • Player name tags now remain visible at all times

1.0.24-2024-01-05 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added chat above players

1.0.25-2024-01-13 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed chat and name tag depth so it's always visible
  • Added a max message length for chat messages
  • Added a new tree design to the forest

1.0.25-2024-01-18 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated furni animations for some item states
  • Safflowers have been replaced with Marigolds
  • Weeds have been replaced with a new design and icon
  • Cotton has been updated with a fresher look
  • Private rooms no longer have flowers/weeds/stones (to be added dynamically later)
  • Increased chat length

1.0.26-2024-01-21 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated navigator to account for long room names
  • Avatar updates (in preparation for customization)

1.0.28-2024-01-25 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added create account and forgot password links to client screen when unauthenticated
  • Updated UI icons
  • Added new type of mushroom that can be collected
  • Adjusted sell-back price of mushrooms and rocks
  • Updated water tiles
  • Updated path tiles

1.0.29-2024-01-28 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated lighting in the mine
  • Item and player shadows no longer appear when inside buildings, the mine, or during night mode

1.0.30-2024-02-02 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with digging (you can now only dig on grass or dirt tiles)
  • Added typing status to the chat so if someone is writing a message, you'll know!

1.0.31-2024-02-04 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • UI Updates
  • Added some new furni for the mine
  • Removed "purchase is complete" message from the shop
  • Added Dynamite
  • Added new XP Icon (on quests)

1.0.32-2024-02-05 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • You can now blow stuff up in the mine! Stop by the Furniture Store to grab some Dynamite or Bombs
  • Added ability to drag rooms around
  • Added explosion animation

1.0.33-2024-02-09 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added a new Fishing Hut to Lakeside
  • UI Updates
  • Fixed issue where sometimes other players weren't visible in the space (when joining at the same time)

Known Issues:

  • When loading a space, sometimes your avatar might not be there. Simply reload to fix!

1.0.34-2024-02-11 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added Mine Mayhem Lounge
  • Added Mine Mayhem Game (to get a preview, please⁠💎︱support-us )

1.0.35-2024-02-12 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added additional collectibles and weapons to Mine Mayhem
  • Updated the action bar to have more slots when playing Mine Mayhem
  • Mine Mayhem now spawns additional items and checks if a tile is empty before spawning
  • Furni info window will no longer appear when playing mini-games

1.0.36-2024-02-16 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated Mine Mayhem Lobby Screen (new icons, images, layout)
  • Added How to Play screen to Mine Mayhem
  • Fixed bug with furni randomly being returned to the owner
  • Fixed images in navigator (no longer blurry when scaling)
  • Updated Experience Cap
  • Added Spectator mode to Mine Mayhem
  • Fixed bug where you could respawn your avatar after being eliminated in Mine Mayhem
  • Added discord post when you win Mine Mayhem
  • Opened Mine Mayhem for everyone

1.0.37-2024-02-28 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Adjusted lighting in mine
  • Furni with glowing lights now show up as light sources
  • Fixed issue with avatar animation frame
  • Added support for a new NPC enemy
  • Added several new furni items

1.0.38-2024-02-29 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug in Mine Mayhem where the dynamite doesn't replenish
  • Fixed avatar 'walking in place' bug
  • Added ability for admins to send alerts game-wide

1.0.39-2024-03-01 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • fixed issue where your avatar walks when placing furni
  • updated item info window to include descriptions
  • fixed issue where rotating furni causes it to change z height
  • fixed issue where items randomly disappear
  • added auto reload after being disconnected
  • Fixed sofa depth sorting
  • Fixed Stepping Stone depth sorting
  • Any items that go missing will be returned to your inventory
DEV ANNOUNCEMENT Major Announcement:

Jason announced through Discord that Lasuni would be undergoing a transformation. The game will soon be re-branding under a new name, a new storyline, a new website and brand identity.


1.0.40-2024-03-15 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • updated buildings in Hubble Town
  • updated nav list
  • Added some support for mobile devices

1.0.41-2024-03-16 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug in Mine Mayhem where it freezes after placing dynamite
  • Added preferences window
  • Updated mobile chat
  • Updated Chat window to support both World + Space chat (so you can now chat with everyone in the game vs just in the space)

1.0.42-2024-03-17 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed nav so it shows more rooms + sorts by user count and last visit
  • Added rate limiting to looting
  • fixed cheating issue where you could loot from a distance
  • added users online count to the chat

1.0.43-2024-03-18 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Security Fixes

1.0.44-2024-03-19 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Login screen branding update

1.0.45-2024-03-22 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated favicon and page title
  • Added sound preferences

1.0.46-2024-03-24 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with authentication
  • Added new type of furni that blends together (bars)
  • Added new spaces to the estate agent (Studio + Island)
  • Updated Estate Agent + other rooms
  • Added several new NPCs
  • Azuna now has a shop
  • Some UI Updates

1.0.47-2024-03-26 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a few concurrency issues server side

1.0.48-2024-03-29 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added several new items
  • You can now write custom messages on wooden signs
  • Added support for a new garden tool

1.0.49-2024-03-29 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added some additional error checking on the server to diagnose crashes (and hopefully prevent them)
  • Added new Garden Hoe tool (it'll be available for purchase soon)
  • Added ability to consume apples, carrots, and oranges. This will instantly replenish a portion of your stamina. To use, simply select it from the action bar and then right click your avatar.

1.0.50-2024-03-29 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed some cache issues
  • Updated Vera's dialogue tree (her memory has been wiped, go introduce yourself!)

1.0.51-2024-03-30 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • added player profiles! (left click any player to view their profile). NPC profiles coming soon.
  • Added VIP tag to the top of the screen if you're VIP

1.0.51-2024-03-30 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • fixed a bug in the space loading queue that causes an endless loading screen
  • minor UI updates to the craft window + friends window
  • added Shards icon to the top bar

1.0.52-2024-03-30 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • fixed a bug in inventory
  • added support for action items on mobile

1.0.53-2024-04-02 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • major overhaul of the UI and color scheme
  • fixed bug with digging
  • added registration to login screen
  • fixed UI issue where the room moves when you click the NPC interaction icon
  • added tooltips to the gold, silver, and shards icons

1.0.54-2024-04-02 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed login issue
  • Fixed Chat History close button

1.0.55-2024-04-04 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Badges have arrived!
  • UI Updates

1.0.56-2024-04-07 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated pathfinding
  • Updated Vera's look

1.0.57-2024-04-11 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with camera movement / floating

1.0.58-2024-04-15 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Redesigned Quest System
  • Updated NPC Chat to incorporate quest system
  • Added new quest ("Let's bake a cake!")
  • Added Wilted State to Plants
  • Added some new items (Eggs, Flour)
  • Updated NPC icons for quests
  • UI Updates
  • Added Friends System (Friend Requests, Online/Offline Status, Searching), Messaging system coming soon!

1.0.59-2024-04-17 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated Barry + Azuna'
  • Added quest (Cake for Hazel)

1.0.60-2024-04-21 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with dynamite/explosives
  • Added ability to plant carrot seeds on tilled soil
  • Minor UI updates

1.0.61-2024-04-28 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug preventing furni from being picking up / moved
  • Fixed issue with moving furni

1.0.62-2024-05-04 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Redesigned inventory to show item info, stats, and actions
  • Updated furni info window to use icons rather than text based buttons
  • Added tooltips to inventory + furni info window
  • Added ability to learn recipes
  • Added Milk + Butter to Clementine's shop
  • Added ability to rotate furni when placing or moving via keyboard shortcuts (use comma or period keys , . when furni is being placed or moved)
  • Updated crafting slightly with a new design for out of stock items
  • Other minor UI updates and bug fixes
  • Updated how you place items in your action bar. Simply select the slot you want to use, then click the add to action bar button in your inventory
  • Added additional action bar slots
  • Updated the way items are sold to NPCs (open the NPC shop, then open your inventory and click the new 'sell' button on an item. A quantity input is coming soon! Note you must have both windows open to see the sell button)

1.0.63-2024-05-05 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed bug with tool tips not disappearing
  • Fixed issue with tabbing out and back in
  • Added tap to move for mobile
  • You can now long-press tiles near your avatar to trigger actions (such as digging)
  • Added logout button

1.0.64-2024-05-10 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Updated Registration
  • Added Ticuto News

1.0.65-2024-05-17 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed registration bug
  • Skip's boat has arrived!
  • Fixed depth sorting issues
  • Updated UI
  • Added ability to travel to other islands via Skip's Boat

1.0.66-2024-05-18 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue that was causing the wrong sprite to appear when placing furniture
  • Redesigned the Furniture Store + The Florist
  • Updated Barry's Shop and Dialogue

1.0.67-2024-06-01 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • New avatars have been released!
  • Updated Ticuto News to only appear if there's new content
  • Added Ticuto News icon to the top navigation
  • Fixed bug when removing chair from under avatar

1.0.68-2024-06-13 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed a bug with Ticuto News
  • Updated action icons for interacting with items and collecting loot
  • Fixed issue with forgot password tool
  • Officially redirected Lasuni.com to Ticuto!

1.0.69-2024-06-14 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added ability to register/login via Discord

1.0.70-2024-06-22 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Added Playtime Tracking
  • Added Slimes
  • Added Sign to Mine Mayhem
  • Updated Zoom Buttons in UI
  • Added Discord post when a new player signs up

1.0.71-2024-06-23 ALPHA

Changes & Bug Fixes:
  • Fixed issue with Finn's