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In Late 2023, http://lasuni.com/ website was updated with some exciting news. Jason was bringing the game back with a massive overhaul.

Ticuto was recoded and from the ground up, taking on a fresher angle of gameplay, this included a complete rebrand as the previous project (Lasuni) had limited similarities to what it once was.

In Ticuto, users find themselves in the starter world Lasuni. This world pays homage to the old project of Lasuni.


Lasuni Numbers


In 2008, Jason Bryan, and David Stribling started working on a virtual world (MMORPG) that came to be called Lasuni. Up until it's official closure in 2015; millions of lines of code was written, 1,699 pixel items had been created, and most importantly 25,262 people had been welcomed into our community.

Over that period, the Lasuni community slowly grew, allowing Jason and David to expand their staff team with volunteers that helped run Lasuni over the years; without their generosity and hard work, Lasuni wouldn't have amounted to anything. Those volunteers went by the usernames Ambear, Alex, Anchor, Avocado, Calibrate, Coeur, Comet/Film, Fez, Galaxy, Pixel/Betelgeuse, Samba, Virtuoso and Wombat. Thanks to the volunteers, Lasuni was able to host hundreds of in-game events, with 72 users online simultaneously at peak.

For the majority of Lasuni's lifespan it consisted of only 5 Official Rooms; North Hubble, East Hubble, Gertrude's Home, Hubble Attire & The Salon. However, the game was able to stay fresh by introducing Seasons. During Winter, Autumn, Summer & Spring the Official Rooms would be updated to reflect the seasons.

In it's later years, the Games Garden was introduced as an additional Official Room. This area was accessed by heading West out of North Hubble. The room would be pre-set for Games & Events hosted by the Lasuni Staff team.

Lasuni also had a few mini-games that could be played; Hubble Attire had Whack-A-Lion. This Mini-Game was accessible by using the Arcade Machine in the corner of the room. North Hubble & East Hubble allowed players to have Water Balloon Fights throughout the year, or Snowball fights during Winter.

The Lasuni website was updated halfway through it's lifespan. This update was a moderate success as it introduced customisable player profiles and a feed system. This allowed users to share their thoughts and opinions directly onto the website and stay in touch with their friends before logging onto the game.

In 2015, Jason and Dave's lives got busier they found that they had less-and-less time to dedicated to adding new features to Lasuni. They made the difficult decision to close down the game. They hosted one final party event on their client to say farewell to their loyal player-base.

Yahrly LLC

YahRly LLC

YahRly LLC was founded by David Stribling and Jason Bryan, a pair of industrious teens, in February 2009. The team initially met whilst working on a project earlier in 2008. In early 2009 they decided to branch out on their own and form YahRly LLC, bringing along Amber Gordon, the talented community manager from the previous project.

The next few months were spent working on initial concepts for the company and the direction they want to take for a new interesting product. In October 2009 the first version of Lasuni was launched public BETA. The team decided the best way to grow interest around the product was to develop it publicly. Over the following months Lasuni continually developed iterating the product and website. Then in August 2011 Lasuni was folded into its parent company, YahRly LLC. This enabled the team to work on a broader portfolio of products beyond the singular product.

Besides from Lasuni, YahRly also had other projects such as PixelTBS, Roarcast, Scrodoler, omgBoom.

In 2015 the company closed down whilst also closing all projects they had also operated. The YahRly domain now exists to unknown individuals and has no connections any part of Lasuni.


Jason Bryan

Jason Bryan

Jason Bryan

Jason Bryan, a native of the United States, is renowned for his contributions to the gaming industry, particularly in the realm of development and programming. With a passion for crafting immersive gaming experiences, Jason dedicated himself to the advancement of the online MMOCC Lasuni. As a pivotal figure in its development, Jason played a significant role in shaping the game's foundation and ensuring its continuity within the gaming community.

During Lasuni's lifespan, Jason assumed multifaceted responsibilities encompassing content creation, storyline development, game moderation, and programming. His unwavering commitment and expertise were instrumental in enhancing the game's features, mechanics, and overall player experience.

Jason embarked on the development journey of Ticuto nearly a decade after the closure of Lasuni. As the sole founder of Ticuto, Jason assumed multiple roles, including programming, graphic design, and crafting the storyline for the game. With a passion for immersive gaming experiences, Jason dedicated himself to shaping the foundation of Ticuto, infusing it with creativity, innovation, and his unique vision.

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David Stribling

David Stribling

David Stribling

David Stribling, hailing from the United Kingdom, made significant contributions to the development and design aspects of the former MMOCC Lasuni. With a primary focus on graphic design, David played a crucial role in shaping the visual identity of Lasuni, infusing creativity and artistic flair into the game's aesthetics.

In addition to his work in graphic design, David was deeply involved in community engagement efforts. His dedication to community building contributed to the vibrant social fabric of Lasuni, enriching the overall gaming experience for players.

Following the closure of Lasuni in 2015, David's involvement in the project came to an end. However, his legacy endured, with many of his contributions serving as inspiration for the future development of Ticuto. Despite the passage of time, David's creative vision continues to leave an indelible mark on Ticuto, reflecting his enduring impact and commitment to excellence in game design.

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