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Lasuni is the first place a player sees when they enter the world of Ticuto.

This starter world pays homage to an old online MMORPG called Lasuni, which was co-founded by the Ticuto founder, Jason Bryan.


In the world of Lasuni, players can explore the world and learn game features before venturing off into more hostile worlds, this allows them to safely grow their XP. Around Lasuni, players will be able to interact with NPC's, meet new players, explore basic features and locations.

Hubble Town[]

Hubble Town is the first place a player sees when they enter the world of Ticuto. Hubble Town is a quiet and player-friendly township. Players are able to collect wheat from the field and interact with NPC's.

  • Gertrude's Home
    Gertrude's Home is located in Hubble Town. Her house exterior is identifiable by the red colouring on her roof and door.
  • Barry's Home
    Barry's Home is found in Hubble Town and is identifiable by the green colours on his roof tiles and wooden door.
  • Furniture Store
    The Furniture Store is operated by Geoff. The store can be found in Hubble Town and can be easily identified by the sign hanging off the side of the building with a sofa painted on the sign.
  • Estate Agent
    The Estate Agent is operated by Tory, and is located in Hubble Town. The Agent's Office can be easily identified by it's blue roof tiles and door, and the giant hanging key off the side of the building.
  • The Hideout
    The Hideout is a secret room that can be discovered by exploring around Hubble Town! We're not going to release spoilers here, but just start exploring the town and see if you can find The Hideout! Good luck!

Enchanted Forest[]

The Enchanted Forest can be found north of Hubble Town. You can find Azuna stirring her cauldron in front of her house. The enchanted forest also features a small burial site.

  • Azuna's House
    Located in the Enchanted Forest.
  • Florist Store
    Located towards the north of the Enchanted Forest.
  • Greenhouse
    Currently locked.

Hubble Mine[]

Hubble Mine is in the northwest of Hubble Town and can be reached by crossing a wooden bridge. It's a great place for players to gather resources and explore. Once inside, it's dark with no sunlight, so the player's screen is mostly blacked out, making it hard to see.

The mine has multiple levels for players to explore. They might find ladders leading to dead-end rooms, some of which contain extra resources. Players can dig up various resources in the mine, like stones, mushrooms, silver, and gold. Digging around certain items can affect their chances of finding valuable resources.

  • Mine Mayhem Lounge
    Upon entering Hubble Mine, users will see a ladder going down. This ladder will take the player into the Mine Mayhem Lounge. From this room, users can Join & Create their own gaming session of Mine Mayhem.
    • Mine Mayhem (Mini-Game)
      Mine Mayhem is a Player vs Player strategy game. Using Dynamite and Powerup's, the player is expected to take out their competitors and be the last player left standing.

Hubble Marina[]

The Hubble Marina is located East from Hubble Town.

  • Finn's Fishing Hut
    Finn's Fishing Hut can be accessed by players travelling through Hubble Marina.
  • Remote Island
    Accessed by setting sail with Skip in Hubble Marina.

Clementine Farm[]

Clementine Farm is located West of Hubble Town. You can find Clementine operating her fruit & veg stall.

  • Clementine's Barnhouse
    Currently locked off.