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Ticuto Staff are entrusted with a diverse array of responsibilities critical to the game's operation and community engagement. They dedicate their free time to the game, not just as players, but also as moderators, customer support agents, content creators, and developers.

Their duties encompass ensuring fair play, enforcing community guidelines, troubleshooting technical issues, designing new content, and constantly evolving the game world to keep players engaged.

Working remotely from their own homes, these staff members collaborate across time zones, utilizing communication tools and virtual environments to coordinate their efforts seamlessly. Their commitment and passion for the game are evident in their continuous efforts to enhance the player experience and maintain the integrity of the virtual world they help shape.



Jason Bryan is the sole founder of Ticuto. Jason handles all aspects of its development, operation, and management. They oversee many duties of the game including moderation, customer service, finances and marketing.

Discord Moderator

Discord Moderators serve as dedicated volunteers committed to fostering a secure and inclusive atmosphere for the community to engage and immerse themselves in. Their primary role involves addressing reports and upholding the safety and welfare of players within Ticuto's Discord Server.

Current and Past Staff

Username Position Notes
Jason Founder


Mushroom Discord Moderator Start: 13th March 2024
Tyler Discord Moderator Start: 13th March 2024
Joe Discord Moderator Start: 13th March 2024
Dan Discord Moderator Start: 13th March 2024


Goob - Goob, also known as Pim, is an invaluable contributor to Ticuto's development, despite not holding an official staff position. Discovering Ticuto in its early days, she quickly became an integral part of its creative team. Her exceptional graphic design skills have left a significant mark on the game. Goob has collaborated closely with Jason Bryan on various aspects of Ticuto, including profile badges, furniture, NPC and avatar design, and UI design. Her artistic vision and creativity are woven throughout the game, greatly enriching the visual experience for players and enhancing the overall aesthetic of Ticuto. Due to her outstanding contributions and dedication, Goob rightfully deserves recognition on this page.