Ticuto Wiki

Getting Started

Poking fire

Welcome to the world of Ticuto. As a new player, you begin your journey on Level 1 and will spawn in Hubble Town. To move around in Ticuto you need to left click on squares to move your player to the clicked position. Your right-click will be used later for completing actions in the game.

User Interface

Basics - UI

First let's have a look at your User Interface. At the top left [1] of your screen you can see some quick statistics about your player. You will recognise your avatars head is sitting in the top left along with your Username, Level & Currency.

In the top right [2] of your screen you will see a few icons. These icons will open your Navigator, Friends List, Quests and Inventory. Under those icons is the name of your current location and a zoom feature.

In the bottom left [3] of the screen you can find your chat bar and chat box for communicating with other players in the same location as you.

Located at the bottom center [4] of your screen is your Energy Bar and Equipped Items bar.

The writing located in the bottom right [5] of your screen is the current development version Ticuto is currently running. If you find yourself having issues which you might think is a bug, you're encouraged to report the issue and include the development version in your report.

Exploring Ticuto

Once you're familiar with the UI you should begin exploring Hubble Town. You can discover new locations of Hubble Town by walking on the arrows around the map.

You may have noticed when learning the UI that your Navigator looked a bit empty. As you explore the world and discover new areas they will appear in your Navigator allowing you easier travel between areas.

Quests, Harvesting & Digging


NPC Interaction

Ticuto is full of NPCs (Non-Playable Characters). Some of these NPC's will have Quests for you to complete where you can earn some currency and items.



To begin a Quest, all you have to do is walk up to an NPC. You will notice a blue action button appear above the NPC's head with a speech bubble in it. This indicates the NPC is willing to talk with you. Have a chat with a few of the NPC's and see what Quests you're able to do. Once you have discovered a Quest it will appear in your Quests Logbook, which you found through the UI Icons earlier.


Shovel Equipped

Once you have started some Quests you're going to need to Harvest some items. Wander around the area and see if there is any vegetation that needs harvesting, typically this could be items such as Sticks, Flowers and Wheat plants. To harvest these items, just stand beside them. Similar to NPC's, these items will also have a blue action button appear above them. Simply click on the blue action button. An item will go to your Inventory and the vegetation will change appearance to show it's been harvested. Don't worry, these items eventually rejuvenate allowing you to harvest them again in the future.


Digging a Hole

After completing some Quests, you will be rewarded with a Shovel off an NPC. Once you receive the shovel, it should appear in your equipped Items at the bottom of the screen, if it's not there it will be in your inventory - you can drag the shovel from your inventory to your equipped items.

Now you have a shovel equipped you can begin exploring more areas of Ticuto. Walk to an open patch and use your right-click on any open space next to your player to begin digging. You can dig up a lot of different items - including Gold and Silver.

Earning Currency

Stack of Coins

Once you have learnt the basics of Quests and Digging you might have built up a bit of a stockpile of items and money. You can earn Gold & Silver by completing Quests for NPC's. Alternatively, you can also sell items you have gathered by interacting with an NPC that sell's items. When you have their Merchant window open, instead of selecting an item to buy off them, drag and drop an item from your own inventory into their window. The NPC will then offer to pay you for that item.

Gold & Silver Stack

Keep in mind that not all NPC's are born salesmen! Some of them will give you a fair price for your goods, however other NPC's might try and swindle you by offering you less! It pays to shop around and see who is paying the highest for the items you're selling.

You can read more about Currency by clicking here.



Using a Cauldron


Using a Loom


Using a Spinning Wheel

By now, you should be able to successfully Harvest, Dig and Sell items. To Begin crafting, you can visit an NPC's House and use their furniture to start crafting newer items. You should first use the Spinning Wheel and craft some Thread. If you haven't yet obtained an Empty Spool, you can purchase one from the NPC Vera.

Once you have enough thread made you will be able to use the Loom and create some Fabric. If you would like to make some coloured fabric, you are able to use a cauldron to create some coloured dyes.